German Saturday School Hampstead

The school has been created as a Community Interest Company by parents of children attending the school. The parents play an active role in the running of the school.

Leadership of the school rests with a Board of Governors, who organise the school's activities, determine the curriculum and recruit teaching staff.

The school is a member of the Association of German Saturday Schools and a parent represents the school's interests in the Association.


About us

The mission of the German Saturday School in Hampstead is to support bilingual children in improving their knowledge of the German language in a structured and fun way. 

Not only do we want to provide exposure to German, but also wish to create a sense of community. We hope this will enable children to associate positive experiences with the language.

A particular goal of the school is to teach the older children to read and write German and to prepare them for their GCSE. We hope to extend this to A-level preparation at a future date.


  • Have fun using the German language
  • Establish relationships with other German speaking children
  • Get to know German traditions, culture and heritage
  • Participate in interesting projects
  • Expand their active vocabulary
  • Learn the German grammar
  • Learn to read and write

The school uses materials that have been developed for German nurseries and primary schools. The children will sing, play, perform and engage in other creative activities.